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About Us

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the production and commercialization of agro-food with high nutritional value. We are focused on working with indigenous communities and small farmers from Colombia, implementing a fair trade model. Approximately 850 Colombian farmers and their families make up our production community. Each working in the cultivation of Quinoa on 2 hectares of personal farming land spread across many different regions of Colombia, but primarily concentrated in Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Cauca, and Nariño.

Additionally, we work in conjunction with various agricultural organizations in Valle del Cauca and Risaralda in order to promote the cultivation of pineapple, mango, banana, and uchuva (golden berry). Natural fruits are the core ingredient of our dehydrated fruit products and fruit bars. Today we count on a team comprised of more than 50 technicians, professionals and experts who help us to provide the farmers with technological packages to maximize their profit margins, promote the consumption of the products nationally and internationally, and strengthen the agricultural sector in Colombia.

Social Responsibility

From the beginning, Prime Foods S.A.S has dedicated part of its work and effort to improve the quality of life of local farmers by supporting educational and development programs for their families and crops. We rely on the counseling of Ecocert, an organization working hand-in-hand with our technicians and agronomist engineers to obtain 100% organic certification (NOP) National Organic Program.

In addition, to the technological packages our company provides to local farmers, we help ensure their families have access to nutritional products. Together with the Prodesic Foundation and the social responsibility of our company, we not only offer technical assistance and education to our local farming community, but also a percentage of the company’s profits go towards social activities in their communities, as a way to show our appreciation to what comprises the heart of our company: our farmers and their families.

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