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In the majestic lands of Cundinamarca, Colombia grows an organic legume called Chachafruto (Erythrina edulis). Known as a giant bean, the chachafruto has been for years a hidden gem for the world and for its natural and nutritional properties is considered a “superfood”. This fat free, sugar free and non-additives powdered product, is a complement in the celiac diet because is GLUTEN FREE and it is a good source of fiber and protein for vegans and consumers with healthy diets. It’s very easy to prepare and it can be add it to your favorite smoothies, soups, cakes or to thicken any preparation. Mr. Balú is 100% free of added chemicals and is organic certified.

In alliance with St. Patrick´s

In 1994, Juan Carlos Scarpini, and Argentine but 100% Colombian man, arrived to San Antonio del Tequendama and began an organic Agapanthu flower crop. With his daughter, they began to export the first certified organic flower from Colombia to UK, USA and Canada, creating St. Patrick´s, a company focused on cultivating products of excellent quality without contaminating the environment.

Thanks to the locals, St. Patrick´s learnt about the chachafruto or balú food with many health benefits. Thus, Mr. Balú is created, an organic product cultivated among the flowers of Agapanthu and it is dehydrated and grinded for its conservation and its use in many applications. In January of 2017, Prime Foods created a strategic alliance with St. Patrick´s to strengthen the Chachafruto crop and the brand Mr. Balú to develop a national and international market.

Good source of protein and fiber

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Harvested and packed in Colombia

Mr. Balú is:

  • Certied organic
  • USDA Organic
  • La marca colombia
  • R.S INVIMA: RSAD05121012
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Chachafruto dehydrated powder

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